VIP Home & Auto Insurance

In life not all things are created equal.  With insurance it is no different.  As a boutique brokerage we spend a ton of time developing programs and products to suit the needs of busy business owners and professionals.  As an advice based broker we want to help you secure the proper coverage for your hard earned assets.  With that in mind we like to use the term “Live Easy”. as a live easy customer you will receive red carpet customer service, much broader coverage, and seamless and hassle free claims service.  At Murphy insurance we want to earn your trust and become your preferred broker.  A broker you want to tell your friends and family about.


We have Property Insurance products for:

  1. Homeowner
  2. Condominium Unit Owner
  3. Tenant
  4. Rented Dwellings and Condominiums (for landlords)
  5. Cottages and Trailers
  6. Farm/Hobby Farm

We offer Auto Insurance products such as:

  1. Private Passenger Vehicles
  2. Collector cars
  3. Trailers
  4. Motorhomes
  5. Motorcycles
  6. Snowmobiles

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